if kate moss followed it, so can i.

"nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

i told my friends i was dreading to move. that i didnt want to go, that i didnt know why i had to migrate, that i thought it was all my dad’s fault and that i didnt get why he was doing this to me. but they didnt know, the longing for this. how long i’ve been waiting for this day. how much i want to get away, and never come back. how i want to start a new life, and forget about my past. how i just had this love for egypt so so much, i couldnt even explain why. how i dont blame anyone but myself, how im desperate for next monday to come. 14 november, please come faster. i cannot take this anymore. but first, i have to go out with these friends on thursday, and i dont want to, honestly. i know im self centered, self fish, ignorant and obnoxious, but i dont know. i just want to be alone. isloation is all i truly want, and arent they supposed to make me happy? well i want to be alone, and if they force me to meet them, i will, but they’ll regret it when they find out my secrets. of which, non of them know. ha, how many secrets i keep to myself. I’ve come to realise, the greatest thing i am ever good at, is pasting a smile on my face, and pretending everything is alright. because nobody finds out. then again, nobody probably cares.

screw it, i have to punish myself. oh ps, i binged yesterday.